Register for Leadership and the Limits of Communication

One of the primary activities of leadership is speaking, and doing so in a particular way.  But what shapes the things we say? 

We often think that communicating powerfully involves finding "the right way" to say something.  Whether it's asking someone on a date, for business, or a promotion, we spend a lot of time searching for the right way to say something at the right time.  Consider the search for the "right way," however, is often given by an unwillingness to hear certain things.  Freedom and power in communication resides in being willing to hear ANYTHING.  In this webinar, we'll explore the the limits to our communication as a function of avoidance, the communication patterns that organize around that function, and provide two exercises for expanding your capacity to communicate clearly, directly, and with power.  

Participants will 

- Identify a personal example of verbal behavior that functions as avoidance, including the form of their speaker behavior and the listener behavior they avoid.  
- Identify the aspect of habit reversal procedures that relates to the exercises given.  
- Identify how the exercise provided relates to respondent extinction.  

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