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Engagement Predictors Assessment

Most engagement surveys measure employee feelings about the workplace, and leave you guessing how to impact those feelings.  You know that leadership needs to communicate better, but what does better look like? 

Our assessment doesn't ask about feelings - it asks about factors that science has shown to reliably impact feelings.  When you know where you stand on those factors, the actions to take are clear.  You are left knowing exactly what practices to implement - not only to make people feel better - but to engage your front-lines in moving the needle on key organizational measures. 

Process & Results


Starting with our basic assessment, we work with you to add any additional information you want to know from your employees.  We customize your assessment so - in addition to the factors we know to impact performance, engagement, and satisfaction, you have an assessment that will tell you everything you want to know.

Making Notes

Assessment and Reporting

After the survey closes, we provide reports showing you exactly what you need to do to impact employee engagement.  Each manager has an individualized report showing what practices to implement to drive their  team's productivity, raise satisfaction, and improve commitment.  Leadership is left with a powerful tool for developing their management teams and fundamentally altering culture.


Using assessment results as a foundation,we train your team in seeing the connection between their behavior and results.  They learn how to apply principles of performance in the workplace, effectively coach, and develop and empower their talent.