Conversational Frame Theory is a 10, 1 hour sessions over 10-12 weeks that is designed to leave you with the ability to teach RFT to anyone with a working knowledge of basic behavioral principles.  In the process, you will be better equipped to adapt curricula such as PEAK and AIM to your own individual learner needs as well as discover something about how your own verbal behavior impacts your experience of living life.  

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Supervising Dynamically is a 8, 2-hour session training and coaching series about applying Acceptance and Commitment Training to BCBA supervision.  In it, you apply ACT practices and processes to explore and move beyond personal barriers.  In the process you create your vision and purpose as a supervisor, develop powerful practices for aligning to that purpose, and develop the skills to provide accountability and coaching consistent with the supervisor you create yourself as.  This is a powerful course, the benefits of which go well beyond supervision, and apply to anywhwere you wish to express leadership.  

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