The Physics of Engagement

Five Month Coaching and Consultation Program for Small Companies

This is for companies

  • With at least 6 managers overseeing front-line employees

  • Experiencing growth

  • Have a sense their teams could be more productive and more focused on improving other metrics. 

  • Are interested in having a great place to work where the front lines are motivated, productive, and happy.  


  • Upwards of 15% improvement in productivity, inventory management, cost-savings, and customer service metrics.  

  • Improved communication, where people work together to solve organizational problems and improve processes.

  • An upgraded culture, where people stay longer, use less sick time, and are happier at work. 

What to expect

Designed to be affordable and executable for smaller organizations, this program is a unique blend of education, consultation, and coaching.  You and at least one other member of your organization will participate in online sessions with up to five businesses.  Together you'll learn how to develop a performance measurement and management program that aligns front-line performance with your mission and vision.  The program includes: 

  • 7, 2-hour. online training sessions covering best practices in performance management, including performance metric specification, organizational alignment, delivering feedback, and coaching performance improvement. 

  • 3, 2-hour individual consultation and coaching sessions where you'll tailor material to your organization.  

  • Access to all materials (recorded sessions, workbooks, etc) for anyone in your organization.   

***Note - What is shown here is a general training package.  During consultation, we'll discuss your organizational needs and may recommend removing segments or adding content based on your organization's goals.  

To apply or find out more

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This program isn't for everyone.  It takes commitment and a willingness to be coachable.  There are also some business models where a different approach to performance management and engagement is more appropriate.  Finally, it might not be the right time for your organization to take this on.  To schedule an opportunity to see if this program can help your organization, please fill out the following form and we will reach out to assess your organization's readiness.