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Having begun the discovery of the behavior of language and how it shapes your view of the world in Conversational Frame Theory, this series is designed to deal with two questions fundamental to being human: 

Who am I?

What is my life for?  

In the course of this series, you will realize three primary outcomes: 

1.  You will come away having created a purpose worthy of your life - one that inspires and energizes you.  

2.  You will identify and remove personal barriers to fulfilling on that purpose, finding a new level of effectiveness and fulfillment in life.  

3.  You will have the tools to ongoingly re-align to your purpose to live a life that you love.  

The Basics: This series meets 10 times for 90 minutes over the course of 3 months.  It's worth 15 Type II CEs for BCBA re-certification, including three ethics CEs.   During sessions, we'll engage in a dialogue where you'll apply an RFT account of language to what matters to you.  In between sessions, you'll complete assignments designed to bring the material to those areas, work with online tools, dialogue with peers and instructors.  


Session 1 - Meaning and purpose

Here we lay the groundwork for the course by dealing with the fundamental question: what is the meaning of life.  From there, you'll begin to create what your life is for.  You'll leave with a behavioral understanding of meaning, and begin to uncover where your own behavior is dictated by ineffective rules.  

Session 2 - The Matrix

Having identified a purpose, you'll be present to where your life is not aligned to that purpose.  We'll begin working with the ACT Matrix, a powerful and scale-able tool for identifying your own limitations.  We'll begin to explore values, and where you are and are not living in service of what you say matters, and what it's costing you.  

Session 3 - The Makeup of Self

We begin to distinguish what gets in the way of living a life of purpose by beginning the exploration of who consider yourself to be.  You'll work with a powerful tool for identify rules for self as rules, and take on practices that will leave you with a new freedom to pursue what matters to you.  

Session 4 - Others: The Content of Your Life

After confronting your own obstacles to fully expressing your life's purpose, there is to deal with others.  In this session, we take on your fundamental view of the people in your life.  We look at your view as behavior, what reinforcers that view, and what this responding costs you.  You'll explore powerful practices for aligning your relationships with your purpose.  

Session 5 - Your Fundamental View: The World

Here we explore your fundamental view of the world and how you survive it.  You'll uncover your fundamental strategies for survival, the limits of the strategies, and practice moving beyond simply surviving life.  

Session 6 - Beyond Survival: An Integrated Self

Our culture trains us to view integrity as a moral or ethical phenomenon.  From that view, we naturally resist dealing with breaks in our word.  Looking only at your life's purpose, we explore a new model of integrity designed to give you freedom and power in any situation.  

Session 7 - Integrity as an Access to Self

Continuing our inquiry into the nature of integrity, we engage in practices to restore integrity to purpose to leave you with a whole and complete sense of self.  

Session 8 - Communicating Purposefully: Self as Relationship

From a foundation of integrity, there is a new freedom in communication.  Here we explore the opportunity to create one's self in communication with others - beyond your thoughts and  beyond your feelings.  

Session 9 - Empowering Others: Being an Environment for Purpose

You have found a new freedom to be an act in the service of what matters to you.  As your capacity expands, you'll have a natural interest in providing that for others.  Here we work with practices for listening and speaking that open space for others greater contact with their own purpose.  

Session 10 - Completion: Creating an Environment for Growth and Development

In our final session, we engage in a powerful exercise for being complete and creating the foundation for continued growth and development.  

Course Meetings

All sessions will be recorded but live attendance at 6/10 sessions is required.  

Live sessions are at 8:30pm (EST), 7:30pm CST, 6:30pm MST, and 5:30pm PST


July 5, 19 & 26

August 2, 9, 16 & 23

September 6, 13 & 20

Cost - $500