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Values Driven Communication: Creating the Space for Authentic Conversation

September 30, 2019 12p-1p CST

If you're a person, at some point you've probably said something like, "I can't say that to her/him/them."  If behavior analysis is right (and we think it is!) it isn't for lack of ability, but that your environment doesn't support it.


From a Relational Frame Theory account of what it is to be a human being, our view of the world is constituted at least partially, if not mostly, in language.  As such, as people we live in an environment that is constructed in language.  If that's true (and we think it is!) we can creatively use language to create space where saying those things happens as naturally as putting on socks when your feet are cold.


Participants who take this webinar will be able to: 
- Explain how temporal framing relates to goal or purpose driven behavior.  
- Explain how stating intentions and purpose can transform the motivative functions of verbal statements.  

Beyond that, you'll leave with the basic structure for opening a conversation with an intention that creates the space to say difficult things and to then say those things in a way that drives towards that intention, and find it easy to turn back toward it when conversation moves away.  Further, this skill scales to creating meeting agendas, strategic planning sessions, talking with your children/parents/partners.. anywhere!!