Aligning Performance with Strategy

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Mastering the Physics of Performance

Most people know enough about physics to walk up the stairs or throw someone their car keys.  Getting to the moon takes a different level of mastery.   Your knowledge of the laws of performance has gotten your business where it is today.  We’ll help get you to the moon. 


Strategic Alignment

Mapping Strategy, Aligning Performance

We work with you to identify the key business metrics impacting strategic growth, then drive down through your organization to identify key, objective performance measures that impact strategy.  We then develop and train managers to use those metrics to positively motivate teams, drive performance, and continuously improve.  You are left with a workforce that is clear on the mission, sees their contributions to it, and is engaged in delivering on it.

Business Meeting

Lighting the Path to Success

Most engagement surveys measure employee feelings about the workplace, and leave you guessing how to impact those feelings.  Ours measures the workplace factors that impact and predict engagement, and the results are directly actionable, pointing to changes you can make to immediately impact engagement.

Culture Building

An Intentional Approach

Great cultures don’t happen by chance, they take cultivation.  In culture building, we work with you to specify and deliver the culture your team wants, and develop the tools and practices to maintain a great culture as your business grows.

Campaign Pitch
Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Executive Development

Applying Science to Leadership

The most successful companies plan for developing leaders.  We work with you to assess your leadership needs, your talent, and then help you close that gap.  In the process, we help you build a leadership pipeline, so you are continuously identifying and developing your high-potentials. 

Client Testimonials

Working with Scott and SixFlex has been one of the most valuable business investments that I’ve made.  The consultation and tools he’s provided has given me a new way of looking at my business and where I should be focusing my attention to achieve my strategy. The performance management system he’s helped us build has given me a new tool to align my team’s performance with my strategic vision, and we’re getting unprecedented results.

Prashanth Mahakali
Owner & Principal, PMPC Architects

Scott supported the team in discovering tangible ways they could take responsibility for their actions on another level and that ultimately the buck stopped with them. The work was confronting but it engaged the team and gave them tangible tools they could start using right away.  Scott gracefully managed the team’s resistance, their varied interest and behaviors all while keeping us on track and focused on the goal.

Shelley Young
Owner & CEO, The Chopping Block

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